Hall of Fame

Del-Mar-Va Hall of Fame:

1995 Jerry Willey, Sr.

1997 Alva Lee Henry

2004 Jerry Willey, Sr.

2005 Nathan “Tink” Collins

2007 Jerry “Sonny” Willey, Jr.

Eastern Shore Hall of Fame:

1997 Alva Lee Henry

2005 Jerry Willey, Sr.

2006 Nathan “Tink” Collins

2007 Lawrence Knauer

2009 Danny Cox

2011 Keith Adkins

2014 Tracy Whitby-Fairall

Dorchester County Hall of Fame:

2005 Arnold Gilliard, James Gillespie, Alva Lee Henry, Jerry Willey, Sr., Keith Adkins

2006 Jack Smith, Sheldon Windsor

2007 Sonny Willey, Nathan “Tink” Collins

2008 William Short Sr., Nick Molisani, Roger Short

2009 Joani Collins, Danny Cox, Carl William Horn

2010 Lois Ann Henry, Bill Martin, Katherine “Kitty” Smith

2011 Kathy Adkins, Scott Warrell, Arthur Twilley

2012 Brad Hughes, Randy Lewis, Tracy Whitby-Fairall

2013 Henrietta Jarrett, Dorothy Lee Windsor, George Short

2014 Cathy Mooney, Lee Fairall, Jackie Molisani

2015 Mike Henry, John Lewis, Lois Willey

2016 Mark Lewis, Bobby Willey, LeAnn Lewis

2017 Charles Turner, Kara Phippin, Lee Zimmerman

2018 Kristina Shayne, Mike Hickman, Scott Henry

2019 Dawn Johnson, Dudley Bisker, Darrell Johnson Sr.